Friday, August 7, 2009

The things they say..

As this blog continues to grow, I hope to bring you little tidbits that the children, in daycare and my own delight me with every day.

Quote of the week:
"My daddy will be home when he's done drawing.." -Ellison

Ellison's daddy is an architect. So essentially, "drawing" is what daddy does all day, amongst a few dozen other things! For the most part, he's got it right.

Turn 9 months and the temper does strike...

Madison had been munching on a pretzel, something I wasn't quite sure she was ready for so I removed it from her mouth. Moments later I realized she was having quite the meltdown, crying, yelling etc. I picked her up trying to soothe her. It failed to work. I stripped her as at this point she was quite upset and I thought perhaps something in her clothing or diaper was hurting her. At this point she was hysterical. I redressed her and tried to calm her again.

Then it struck me. The pretzel. Sure enough, I returned the sacred pretzel and the hysteria seized.

Don't mess with a girl and her pretzels.

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